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Our projects - branded umbrellas

Many of our customers are interested in the projects we have already implemented. Therefore, on this page we offer you an overview with many examples from our daily work, which may serve as inspiration for your own project. Our product selection and printing techniques cover the entire spectrum, from a simple umbrella with a logo to an umbrella with full-surface printing.



Logo print on two opposite segments

Yellow umbrella with a two-color print on three panels

An umbrella printed all over in shades of grey, with a logo and text.

Simple logo print in silver on a blue background

Logo print on two panels with a cable motif

White and blue logo print on the panel.

Full-surface print on a folding umbrella with artistic design.

Full-surface print with colored pattern and logo.

Full-surface print - black and white panels alternating with the logotype. The folded umbrella resembles a zebra.

Colorful print on the entire surface and a pole in a special golden version.

Double-Color Auto Umbrella (Fare Metallic) with silver and red cover. Two-color print on one panel.

Silver cover with a logo printed on one panel.

3D domed sticker with white background and two-coloured print in handle.

Custom-made umbrella Big Matic with brown cover. Printing in two colors on one panel.

Custom made, oval shape. Optimal size for 2 people.

Umbrella with one-color print on the closing strap.

Umbrella Long Matic Rain with orange and white cover. Full-surface print over all panels.

2 panels with an orange background, the other panels white. A graphic design running through the panels.

Umbrella with a one-color print on the handle.

Fiberglass umbrella with lime green cover. Two-colour print on the panel.

Cover in lime with logo on two panels.

Umbrella with a two-colour print on the closing strap.

Walking umbrella Black Long with logo print on four panels.

Print on 4 segments. Well-known brand in yellow and white.

Small automatic model Alu Matic with red cover. Full-surface photo print on one segment.

One photo-printed panel sewn with the other red panels.

Case with full-surface printing.

Wooden walking umbrella printed with white screen printing

Motif on all 8 panels

Printed closing strap with logo

Automatic walking umbrella XL with two-color screen printing.

Logo print alternately on 4 segments

Black automatic umbrella with screen print

Two-tone logo print on two segments

Automatic umbrella with a straight handle and sewn border

Full-surface, panel crossing transfer printing on all panels

Automatic umbrella with alternating fields and transfer printing

Transfer print on 4 panels

Umbrella with a starry sky inside

Starry sky motif on all panels from the inside - bottom view

Closing strap printed with logo.

XL regular umbrella with straight wooden handle and screen-printed logo

White cover with logo on two panels

Logo print on closing strap

Yellow umbrella with a logo

Logo printed on two opposite segments

Blue and white golf umbrella with screen print

Alternating fields and two-tone logo print

Blue closing strap with white print

Golf umbrella with red and black alternating fields

Logo printed on red panel

Rain umbrella with full-surface digital transfer printing.

All-over print on all panels.

Black golf umbrella with white logo print

Oval shape with logo on the long side

Walking umbrella with reflective piping for more safety.

A green umbrella with two motifs opposite.

Umbrella printed over the entire surface with colorful dots.

Black umbrella with screen-printed motif across all panels

Automatic walking umbrella printed partially on two panels


Six red panels and two full-surface printed panels.

Walking umbrella with an all-over print

Digital transfer printing over all umbrella panels

Logo and motto on closing strap

XL umbrella with three-color logo print

Logo on a panel on a blue umbrella

Multicolored print on closing strap

Children's umbrella with transfer print.

Colorful motif

The model is phased out, replaced by Mini Pocket Full-Auto (Fare)


Eye-catching orange cover and color-matched handle.

Wooden umbrella in white with transfer printing

Butterfly motif on all panels

Wooden handle and printed case

Classic black pocket umbrella with white logo print

Logo and website printed on four panels.

Transparent umbrella with prints

Black logo on four panels of the transparent umbrella

Double canopy umbrella, yellow inside and red outside

Yellow logo on the outside on four panels

Special effect due to different colors inside and outside

Umbrellas with a logo - screen printing

with delivery usually 3-4 weeks from order confirmation

Automatic umbrella Long straight matic with red cover. Monochrome logo print in white on one segment.

Big fiberglass umbrella Classic Auto XL (Fare) with a gray cover, meaningful print on two segments in white.


Umbrella XL  Alu Trip Matic with three-color print on two segments. With a diameter of 130 cm, it is also suitable for two people.

Umbrellas with all-over digital printing

any personalization possible

Picture (transfer printing) and logo (screen printing) on one umbrella - model Pocket Full-Auto Alu (Fare Prime). With such projects, umbrellas are sewn only after printing. 


Classic Auto XL (Fare): Umbrella printed with art motifs from the German municipalities of Kronach and Kulmbach


Mini automatic umbrella with orange cover. Logo print in white and black on one segment.

Model Classic Auto (120 cm diameter) with logo on two opposite panels printed in 2 colors using the screen printing. 

Square Auto L (Fare) printed with roof tiles and logo. The ribs can be arranged closer and further apart, giving the umbrella its unusual shape.

The Dresden-based fire protection company chose a large golf model from FARE. Umbrella was made both in the technique of screen printing (logo) and transfer printing.

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